Why The Name Coventry

During a bike tour of the British Isles, principals of the firm visited Coventry Cathedral, which was bombed into ruins during World War II and then rebuilt through the joint efforts of the former enemies, Germany and England, after the war. A bombed out shell of the original church connects with a modern edifice, and speaks to the power of reconciliation. The combined structure also speaks to the creation of alternatives, in this case to war and violence, which has since become a significant ministry of the cathedral.

The story of Coventry Cathedral took on new meaning when discussed among staff of the company. In their view – Coventry as a company could parallel the reverence for the past while utilizing the innovations of the future.

Coventry could preserve long held values of dignity and choice for those it serves; yet lead in the development of progressive alternatives in life options for older adults.

Coventry could prize the life experience of our elders, yet utilize findings from emerging research to serve them better.

The Coventry name is consistent with remembering lessons learned from the Coventry Cathedral experience about reconciliation; as we work to reconcile the consistent desire of older adults to age well in their own homes, with practical pro-active options to make that a possibility.