Life Lessons

Life Lessons

When we talk with our policyholders, we periodically ask them “what are Life Lessons you have learned that you would like to share with other people?” Here are some of the insights offered in the last 12 months.
life lessons
“Don’t take yourself too seriously and be positive whenever you can. It’s important to live in the moment and forgive so you do not dwell on the past and can move forward. Look forward and leave everything negative behind you. Cherish your friendships because they are your lifeline. Always take care of your spiritual life because it’s there for you at your lowest times, and take care of your physical body so it will function longer. In life remember to always do your best, always be truthful, and don’t make assumptions.” P.A. Texas.

“Think before you act! Don’t let one moment of pleasure ruin your life forever. Don’t stand by while injustice is happening.” L.A. Texas

“Keep a good spiritual, emotional and physical balance in life. It is good to put others before yourself instead of “being all about yourself”. I wish my kids could find a better balance of priorities in their busy lives. I do not get “wrapped up” in technology and wish that the younger generation was not so “wrapped up” in technology as well”. R.B. Ohio

“Be good to others, don’t burn any bridges, value honesty and a work ethic, and care for each other.” G.B. Ohio

“Faith and Friends!” W.E. Indiana

“Don’t take anything for granted”. N.B. Ohio

“It is important to get good guidance in life. To get basic support early in life and to get mentoring that can make you aware of what’s ahead and help you prepare. You need someone to help guide you because life gets complicated.” J.B. Pennsylvania

“Don’t be afraid of following your dreams”. D.B. Maryland

“It is important to have a good sense of self, and to also let other people be who they want to be. It is also important to not compare yourself to other people. …And it was important to realize that although bad things may happen, I had to be able to move on and not let it devastate me or hold me back. It was also important to learn what makes me happy – to not apologize for it and not care so much about what others thought. I learned that I am a good person, and doing what was best for me is important too.” C.W. Texas.

“Be responsible for your own actions, don’t make excuses. Be a leader, set a good example, don’t lose your temper. Be fair, be a planner and save for the future.” M.F. Illinois “Choose your life’s work based on personal satisfaction and the ability to live out your dreams, rather than on the amount of money you earn.” L.F. Illinois

“Learning how to love and be loved is the essence of life. ….I try to live in the present and not in the past, and feel that learning to let go of anger and resentment has been very valuable. Everyone should live with gratitude and appreciation – respecting yourself is very important in learning to respect others. This all has helped me to connect with others and live without judgement.” J.F. Illinois

“Begin with a higher being to guide you. I have told my grandchildren not to let anything keep them from success, to feel satisfied and content in life.” K.G. Louisiana

“Treasure every day, and if there are things you want to do, then get up and do them!” G.H. Georgia “Young girls need to get a good education because you never know what will happen in life and when they will need to support themselves. And it’s important for them to make sure they are happy with whatever they do in life.” F.H. Texas

“Be the best you can be and think before you do things!” K.H. Illinois

“Be true to yourself. Show love and compassion for others. Give of yourself as much as you can. Think before you speak, don’t be hasty and avoid being selfish.” L.L. Louisiana

“Doing the right thing for the right reasons”. G.M. Texas

“It’s important for people to have hobbies and interests in their life to enjoy. It’s a valuable skill for people to know how to make things, which people do not always have anymore…” D.M. Texas

“1) Do what you like, 2) Let things go, and 3) Be around people you like.” E.M. Illinois

“Do the right thing. Enjoy life but prepare for the future. Save, because you are the only one you can depend on for certain.” C.N. Texas.

life lessons
“I feel that you should decide what you want and go get it….It doesn’t matter where you come from, it’s where you want to go that matters. When I was in school, the guidance counselor told me that my sister and I should just be dishwashers. But my business teacher gave me the encouragement that I could do more and be a secretary or CPA. I overcame a lot of discrimination and poverty even though I was told that I could not do much in life. I always lived by the saying that ‘every tub sits on its own bottom’, which I took to mean that I was responsible for my own life. I am proud of my sons and others that I helped get started in the accounting field, and of my own accomplishments in my profession.” M. O. Texas

“Surround yourself with good people and good friends who support you.” J.P. Texas

“Try to keep things in perspective, stay in the present as much as possible and practice moderation.” R. R. Colorado

“Don’t worry about what you cannot change. Love life and be happy. Know when to speak and when not to speak.” C.R. Texas

“Find a joy in every day and live it. And know that there is good in every day. Be thankful for all that you have.” J.R. Illinois

“Realize how valuable you are in youself, you do not need a man to be worthwhile. Value yourself and take care of yourself. Be aware of others, and think of ways to help others.” D.R. Ohio.

“I try to practice doing unto others as I would want done to me – these positive values give me a clear conscience so I know that I can sleep well at night.” E.S. Texas

“I have tried to pass on the importance of a good education and doing the best at whatever you are doing.” J.T. Georgia.

“Life is there outside the door – and you must embrace it!” B.V. Texas

“It’s important to develop and maintain close relationships with your grandchildren: to be present in their lives, to participate in their activities and to let them know that you cherish and love them. Hopefully you will inspire and influence them the way that your grandmothers did you”. J.C. Ohio.

“Having my faith, being kind and loving to each other, and having a love of nature”. C.C. Pennsylvania.

“Probably honesty is one thing I have tried to share with my children as much as I can”. K.E. Texas

“I have learned the value of patience in relationships. I had to teach myself this and I have come to see the importance of taking time to improve relationships. Think twice, measure twice and cut once in terms of relationships”. J.B. Ohio