frequently asked questions


Q – What is the Coventry Service Program for LifeStyle Solutions policyholders?

A – It starts with outreach and check-in calls to our policyholders; may include an assessment for conditions that threaten independence, or creation of a personal wellness plan; but always offers consultation and information about resources that members may need. It just depends on what the member decides to use. Periodically, we may also offer Community of Members Conversations via teleconference, webinars, policyholder newsletters or e-bulletins.

Q – Why is the Service Program offered?

A – Research consistently documents that being pro-active about what contributes to personal well-being makes a difference in deferring disability and sustaining a high quality of life as people grow older. Our goal is to optimize both the functional ability and vitality of our members! Research outcomes shape our program.

Q – Does it cost extra?

A – No, the Service Program is free and built into our LSS and LSS Select insurance policies. Using the Service Program will not affect your policy or premium.