Our Wellness Model

The seven dimensions of the Wellness Model
wellness model

  • The Physical Dimension – Maximizing your functional fitness and physical capacities
  • The Spiritual Dimension – Nourishing your soul and having a sense of meaning
  • The Vocational Dimension – The broad sense of work; having a sense of purpose and making a contribution with your skills & talents
  • The Environmental Dimension – Creating a physical environment that is manageable, safe and supports your aging in place
  • The Emotional Dimension – Being able to express and manage your feelings; coping with stress/challenges
  • The Social Dimension – Building & maintaining social networks, giving and getting support from friends & family
  • The Intellectual Dimension – Engaging your brain and stretching it with lifelong learning, experiences and activities

*The seven dimensions wellness model is based upon the work of Bill Hettler, MD, at the National Wellness Institute, and the International Council of Active Aging; and the wellness program was designed in collaboration with the John Hopkins University School of Medicine Division of Geriatrics.