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Coventry Service Program

A component of the Lifestyle Solutions long-term care insurance policy.

We are the first long-term care insurance to offer financial protection and proactive support to help policyholders live well as they age.

The Vision of Our Founders

The founders of Coventry CareLink, Bob & Gail Haldeman, created the LifeStyle Solutions long-term care insurance product with an attitude of servant leadership and a deep commitment to offering proactive options for aging well.

What is The Coventry Service Program?

Wellness is at the heart of all that we do!
The Coventry Service Program was developed in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine with lifestyle planning at its core.

Wellness Questionnaire

LifeStyle Solutions (LSS) offers the opportunity to participate in a proactive conversation through the Coventry Service Program.


Wellness is at the heart of all that we do! Using our 7 dimensions of wellness model we promote a positive aging experience through collaborative planning.

A Select Class of Insurance

LSS long-term care insurance offers a Select class of insurance for individuals with conditions that make it difficult for them to obtain coverage.

Good News For Premiums

The Coventry Service Program is included in the premium and is available from the first day of the policy.

Why Do We Have Such A Focus On Wellness?

  • Our approach is holistic and multi-dimensional because so many things contribute to the quality of an older adult’s life.
  • We are committed to helping people age how and where they choose.
  • Constant research and learning enriches our conversations with policyholders.

How does the service program work?

It starts with outreach and check-in calls to our Lifestyle Solutions policyholders. Our team of MSW Wellness Specialists develops relationships with policyholders by telephone and provides individualized support to each policyholder. We connect to offer consultation and information about resources that reflect policyholder interest, and we offer the opportunity to participate in a questionnaire followed by the creation of a plan to support wellness based on the policyholder’s goals. Many policyholders also choose to receive our quarterly educational e-newsletters.

Through a National Program Office in Maine

Our team of MSW Wellness Specialists builds relationships nationwide by phone and email.

Experience in Aging

Our staff has deep and varied experience in aging.

A Personal Touch

After the Lifestyle Solutions (LSS) policy purchase, each policyholder gets a welcome letter from Cameron Waite, CEO, and Erin Bolduc, Director, Coventry Service Program.


Wellness Specialists make a personal outreach call, inviting use of any Service Program component.

Constant Improvement
Work evolves based on what we learn from policyholders and research.

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