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Secure Horizons

What is it?

SecureHorizons is a short-term home care insurance plan designed to help bridge the financial gap for individuals who may experience a medical event and want to recover at home. Coventry Service Program offers brief support to individuals who have purchased a SecureHorizons plan.

How does the Coventry Service Program support SecureHorizons policyholders?

When a SecureHorizons policyholder qualifies to utilize their benefits they also qualify for one annual session with the Coventry Service Program. We call this the “lite” version of the Coventry Service Program. This single session, with a masters prepared social worker, can be used for information and consultation, and can help a policyholder identify helpful resources.

Why is the Lite version of the Coventry Service Program part of the SecureHorizons policies?

Access to consultation and information on a brief, short-term basis can be key to getting the most out of your policy benefits to help you stay safe and comfortable in your home. All work of the Coventry Service Program has our seven-dimension model of wellness at its heart. See the Our Program tab at the top for more information about the wellness model. We believe in helping people maximize their well-being as they age, especially by helping them to recover at home.

How do I use the Coventry Service Program Lite that is part of my SecureHorizons policy?

File a claim for benefits under your Secure Horizons policy by calling United Security Assurance (the policy administrator) toll-free at 1-800- 872-3044. Once a policyholder is determined to be eligible for benefits United Security Assurance will send a notification to the Coventry Service Program that you are eligible for the brief service, and you will be able to reach out to the Coventry Service Program directly.

SecureHorizons policies are sold and administered by United Security Assurance Company of Pennsylvania, a sister company to Coventry CareLink. For information about purchasing one of these policies, please contact United Security Assurance at or by calling Toll-free 1-800- 872-3044, extension 129.

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